Welcome to the official website of the free open-source powerful AntiVirus GenCore. Feel free to download the latest binary executable for you to use or you can contribute in many ways to support GenCore. Go to the Support page for more help.
Some cleaning to the Git repository!
At the 6th of August 2013 by MJaoune

We have removed some unneeded files in the Git repository, we also made the source-code files cleaner and more readable. We made the code files more neat and added comment lines to describe what each code/function does. Please contribute to Gencore, we are in-need of developers.

GenCore v0.9rc1.0 Binary and Source available on sourceforge now!
At the 4th of August 2013 by MJaoune

GenCore v0.9rc1.0 Binary and Source were uploaded to Sourceforge.net and are available for download under files. GenCore v0.9rc1.0 officially supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating system, and unofficially supports MacOSX. Please notice that we are in-need of developers and contributors to help grow the project, so please visit the forum and/or the IRC Channels for more info, and you can clone our Git Repo to get the latest updated source-code.

GenCore v0.9rc1.0 source was pushed to the Git repository!
At the 4th of August 2013 by MJaoune

GenCore v0.9rc1.0 is the version compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, its source is now available on Git. The Binary and Source files will be available on sourceforge soon, but if you are a developer and want to help, you can still clone the Git Repo.

GenCore will be fully compatible with Linux and FreeBSD on the next release!
At the 3rd of August 2013 by MJaoune

The next release of GenCore will have features added and removed, some of the features that are going to be available: -Removed the whole GUI until GenCore is stable. -Removed Process Scan (Since its only compatible with Microsoft Windows) +Added command-line support +Added support for Linux and FreeBSD The source and the binary are going to be released this week and will be available for download at Sourceforge.

GenCore v1.0rc0.1 source-code & binary released!
At the 12th of July 2013 by MJaoune

GenCore source-code and binary were released today and are available to download from sourceforge.net The source-code was commited to the Git Repository and is now available. Please check our forums and IRC Channels for more information and updates. As this is the first news, I hope GenCore is going to succeed and have a bright future. Best, MJaoune